“Nothing to fear, but your ownself.”

As people most of us fear what we don’t understand. Afraid, few people honestly explore the unknown. But we love to make uninformed judgements.

It’s interesting how we all possess the ability to influence each other. We can condem a person ridicule them, or praise them simply on each persons opinion. True that is human nature, and it does set some sort of guidelines for appropriate behavior or the so called societal norm, if there truly is a norm.

However we can also be positive role models. We can be inspiring role models who exhibit a life and behavior that of which another would choose to immulate.

In juxtaposition we can be the opposite, a negative role model. If you are being judgemental, closed minded and opinionated you are not a positive role model. You are not implementing empathy, so obviously you are not able to show any compassion nor understanding of anything unless it is of your own belief system.

So as we assess each others lives or behaviors as many of us do, try to be open minded. When you make judgements of a family member, of a friend or foe, you really need to understand their situation, lifestyle and culture especially if different than your own. You should not condem simply based on your personal belief system or your projected image of societial norms.
You cannot pass judgement on things you don’t understand or fear, you need empathy.

However in order to actually employ empathy you need to effectively communicate. We all hear about bullying in schools. We all hear about terrible stories associated with bullying. As adults we bully too. Gossip, rumors, exaggerated stories is not communication only fabrication. It is bullying.

The prejudice judge who politically conceals his bias, The preacher preaching poetic philosophy from a psychological perspective, the paranoid prosecutor who fears public opionion. The vigilante neighbor, none of them can be fair and impartial. But we hold them up as role models??

They cannot be objective nor unbiased especially without communication and empathy. THEY ARE HIPPOCRITES. Role models yes but of what???


” I C U “


I C U write of sadness,
I C U write of lust.
I C U write of conquest sorrowfully unjust.
I C U write your words upon the page,
I C U write of anger,love and rage.
I C U chasing that silvery star.
I C U wishing upon it so far.
I C U writing happy fluff and stuff, it leaves a nasty scar.
In virtual reality nothing remains the same.
But in reality nothing has really changed.
U C, I M U the same,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ending continued on previous page.

WELCOME ” The Thinker”


Art is the monogamous communication between two people. All art needs to capture two central elements.

1. Communication of human emotional expression.

2. Manifest art from your heart, your soul, your minds eye.

Regardless if thousands are viewing, reading or hearing the art/performance, all art is a monogamous interaction between the artist and the audience. This makes the art truly come alive.

All art forums are truly experimental and subjective in each persons view and objectivity, there are no rules only self expression.

The following blog site is simply that, communication on many different levels. In a world of virtual reality, this is my reality, or not……  

CLICK ON HOME and enjoy the exhibition of freeverse, social commentary, wood sculpture painting and a diverse exhibit of different images and  array of poetry and short stories.  Thanks for dropping by.

“Feel Me”


Hissing, like a caged animal cornered.
I want to make you share my pain.
Hissing, I want to make you feel the same.
I want to make you ache the same.
I want to share my world in vain.
Hissing, I want to hear you beg my name.
Have I caused you enough pain?
Hissing, I want to hear you come my name.
There is no shame only the shared game of pain.
Hissing, one more time in vain.
Scream my name,,,,How great the pain!