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Art is the monogamous communication between two people. All art needs to capture two central elements.

1. Communication of human emotional expression.

2. Manifest art from your heart, your soul, your minds eye.

Regardless if thousands are viewing, reading or hearing the art/performance, all art is a monogamous interaction between the artist and the audience. This makes the art truly come alive.

All art forums are truly experimental and subjective in each persons view and objectivity, there are no rules only self expression.

The following blog site is simply that, communication on many different levels. In a world of virtual reality, this is my reality, or not……  

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“THe Story Book”


Fragments of shattered mirror strewn about the loft. Papers tossed as if a hurricane had swept in challenging a night stalker. The devastation abandon, left for an unsuspecting arrival to discover finding only shock as if a bare wire sparked as it dangeled from the ceiling. But what was it that actually happened?

Sometimes it hard to distinguished between fact and fiction. The lines cross over between creativity and insanity. So who draws the line? Who can actually say………………What is true and what is only in the reality of the minds deepest dark corners of escape.

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You decide what is real and what is not.

Does the artist/writer become his work? Is it a self-fullfilling prophecy to become their vision.
Does the artist manifest his own success, his own demise?
Could it be strickly entertainment, food for thought from the corner of ones mind?

Thanks for stopping by enjoy the journey

“Collateral Damage”

colatteral damage” Collateral Damage” acrylic

They say for every action there is a reaction. These actions create collateral damage.

As we have seen over the last week with the Boston Marathon Bombings and over the last year with the increased terror inflicted on school children and everyone alike, sadly collateral damage, Takes it toll.

The following blog site is a compilation of art, wood sculpture, social commentary, and free verse poetry. Fiction, non fiction, and many images of art throughout the entire series of over a hundred-fifty interconnected and related blog posts.

There is something here for everyone.

Nominated with a Most Versatile Blogger award and also a Most Inspiring Blogger Award.

I hope you too may find something thought provoking and inspiring or maybe a spark may be lit in opposition.

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Concerning: “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”

When you write a manuscript like I have, like any writer you put yourself out there vulnerable to the world. You can expect criticism, or praise.

If your story is nonfiction and based on life experiences you once again are subject to these same observations. When you write anything controversial as in Imitating Snowflakes expect doubt and many questions. Expect to be labeled as unstable, disturbed, detached from reality. For me its all fine. I have already heard it all from people who claimed to be friends, or others who just looked at me with raised eyebrows.

As for the reality of it all its very real. Will the powers that be admit to what they did? Doubtful, If anyone questions me or my sanity its only a book, don’t panic.

I wish it were  truly that simple for it has taken me nine years to be able to address the episodes as they tuly transpired according to me.

I never spoke to anyone directly involved in the case again. I never have seen any of them ever again. I have never went home again.

On an open field of freshly fallen snow so pure an innocent, the untouched fragile existence of virgin snow, no longer.

One day it all just stopped and I was left to pick up the pieces.

Vacantly smoking a cigarette in a dark corner of a poorly lit room I question everything. 

I never really made art again. I never showed art again publicly either until this blog.

 In the last nine years I had only done four small minor paintings. I was once prolific as an artist. This blog has begun my beginning or my end?

I get up each morning have my coffee and on my coffee table lays my gun. I spin the 9 -millimeter watching as it turns like a roulette wheel. I wait until it stops.

I wait till it has a direct aim pointing at me.

Well, when it does,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, That’s Life………………..

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on rodneyartist


on rodneyartist

When You consider how many times people fear the unknown, the misunderstood or the unexplainable, you can then see how ridiculous witch hunts begin.

If someone says you are a subversive people begin to fear you, to suspect you, to hate you or admire you. Never really knowing the truth of the facts behind any accusations made.

Famous people like Carl Sandburg, and John Lennon were labeled subversives. If you choose to put me into this category then thank you for misidentifing me once again. The following blog site has 120 posts demonstrating the actual type of person and artist I am. Please read randomly or pay close attention to Passages from” Imitating snowflakes 1 – 25.” U decide.

If you scroll down about three posts there is a Gallery show of some of my art. click on it and you can get enlarged photos in a slide show presentation.