” I HOPE “


Upon the green fields of high rise condo’s.

With forest thick of protective undergrowth, it leads to a meadow of wild flowers.

The city streets envelope you into a shopping mall of suburban bliss.

The deli, the diner, the dinner table, you drive thru life never knowing what tomorrow will bring.

You hop a train, a plane, a bus into the future.

So many things I would like to say, so many things I could write all day.

But in the end its like each day, it is what it has been.

Tomorrow’s another day.

I HOPE one day my Son will read my posts, and know I think of him every day.

LOVE Dad ,,              ….. the artist




“To My Son”

You are half of me. But all my son.

Your half my age.

You are my true blood, son.

Your now the age I was when you were born.

My regrets do burden my heart everyday, as I think of you daily.

Its neither here nor there, to point, to accuse, to blame or excuse.

I understand the situation in my own way and you I am sure do the same.

I wish so much that we could sit and talk, so many things I would like to say.

Just remember son you are half of me and I never stopped loving you.

I wish you an awesome birthday!

Our blood the same you are my son.

You are now a man. I hope one day we can talk man to man.

Happy Birthday I love YOU,

love Dad