“THe Story Book”


Fragments of shattered mirror strewn about the loft. Papers tossed as if a hurricane had swept in challenging a night stalker. The devastation abandon, left for an unsuspecting arrival to discover finding only shock as if a bare wire sparked as it dangeled from the ceiling. But what was it that actually happened?

Sometimes it hard to distinguished between fact and fiction. The lines cross over between creativity and insanity. So who draws the line? Who can actually say………………What is true and what is only in the reality of the minds deepest dark corners of escape.

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You decide what is real and what is not.

Does the artist/writer become his work? Is it a self-fullfilling prophecy to become their vision.
Does the artist manifest his own success, his own demise?
Could it be strickly entertainment, food for thought from the corner of ones mind?

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Entry 24 of 25: Passages from: “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”

folder17” The Tenth Hour”

We are in the tenth hour. PEACE on Earth – GOODWILL to all.

Oh my god I can’t believe I said that but come on man, OMG. This legal situation that started out in August of 2003 was now going into January of 2004 with no resolution.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

With fluorescent paint I sprayed the freshly falllen snow. I painted the words peace and love. I knew the feds had intentionally tried to blow my mind. I didn’t know why, but I knew they tried unsuccessfully. I wasn’t sure exactly of the motives behind their madness. All I can say is take your psycho analysis your anti-social behavior disorders and blow it up your fucking lilly-white bread asses. All of you from the feds on the case, to the judge, the good reverend and the do gooder citizens of Oldson Falls, Ohio. BITE ME!

So it seemed apparent that now the state would really push for a conviction. On what I didn’t know. They had nothing and they never did have any evidence nor was any actual crime ever committed. They had no grounds for any type of conviction but I was sure they would try.

So I sat there on a railroad tie next to the drive, exhausted. I am holding a can of fluorescent paint looking at the words peace and love painted large enough to cover the double wide driveway. All I can think is how did I get to this point in my life. What was it that I did wrong? Was it that I wanted to see my son? Was it the art show? Was the fact that I am not crazy and I refused to cave to the covert activities that apparently were aimed at institutionalizing me? By the way I have legal signed documents from a psychiatrist saying I am of sound mind.

Now extremely disjointed and in a very obscure life situation I try to make sense of all this hyper inflated blown up hysteria and madness. I look toward the horizon. The sun setting leaving a trail of pink and amber rays that accent the stormy clouds of an enclosing winter’s night.

Peace and love sprayed in the fershly fallen snow that lay untouched in my driveway. It was only a matter of time till tomorrow’s sun melted it away and it would turn to mush.

Funny you know, artist’s try to make life a little more beautiful. Artists try to evoke thought. Artist try to make life a little more pleaseant. They try to capture the essence of life and bring it into your world, your home. I never knew that was a crime.

Artist try to provoke thought or entertain through capturing the human experience through self expression, artist attempt to spark your imigination.. Art is life good or bad.




entry 10 of 25: Passages from ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″

HoHoHo I did promise you a Christmas story, however I suppose this is more of a true XMAS story. Well that jolly old Saint no that’s wrong. Lets just call him that old Judge Newt of Oldson Falls, Ohio.Judge Newt the ruler of his little midwestern town had no regard for any other judge throughout the land. In Oldson Falls Ohio Judge Newt was the GOD.

Special surprise court hearing. My lawyer had never been notified of this surprise hearing and I only had forty-eight hours notice myself. Judge Newt sent the message with one of his elfs, a special hand delivery to my little workshop.

Well the judge rained on my annual Christmas parade, that’s for sure. Like many people normal do we send out Holiday greetings, Best wishes for the season and all that. I didn’t know that had become a crime But as the Grinch stole christmas judge Newt decided he would punish me for partaking in this annual event.

You see in Judge Newt’s world he only followed the rule of his opinion and none other. Even though his earlier restraining order on me had been re-written by a higher court judge, because in my lawyers words it was illegal. Judge Newt disregarded and subsequently charged me with violating the order by sending a Christmas card to my sons home as I had done for many years. Wow really, seriously no shit.

So my holiday christmas card exchange became me in front of the judge being yelled at because I violated his royal majesty. I explained to the judge that the order was re-written and Judge Newt said I quote, ” I Don’t Care”. Basically he didn’t care about anything but his opinion. However, I was, am, and always will be free to communicate with my son because there is no legal reason that I cannot. No laws broken nothing ever happened but the judge says no. who the hell is he?

So now I am bailed out again by another bondsman and I am free to go and enjoy my holiday while awaiting another hearing on this case as it prepares to go to trial. I am freed again but now out on double bail as if I am a truly dangerous criminal. So the old Scrooge wins but he will have to deal with his Christmas past. Happy Holidays

So be carefull what you put in the mail this holiday season. Of course judge Newt knew as did I that I had been mailing out a lot of letters to law enforcement agencies beyond his jurisdiction and I had drawn a lot of attention to this case that he didn’t like. So yea judge  Happy Holidays. HO HO HO