” Nothing is Black and White”

black white 2 rods

Vague values of vacant colorless hues,

nothing is black and white except your reality.

Elusive shades of gray with tints of differant perspectives,

leaves nothing remaining black and white, REALITY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


on rodneyartist


on rodneyartist

When You consider how many times people fear the unknown, the misunderstood or the unexplainable, you can then see how ridiculous witch hunts begin.

If someone says you are a subversive people begin to fear you, to suspect you, to hate you or admire you. Never really knowing the truth of the facts behind any accusations made.

Famous people like Carl Sandburg, and John Lennon were labeled subversives. If you choose to put me into this category then thank you for misidentifing me once again. The following blog site has 120 posts demonstrating the actual type of person and artist I am. Please read randomly or pay close attention to Passages from” Imitating snowflakes 1 – 25.” U decide.

If you scroll down about three posts there is a Gallery show of some of my art. click on it and you can get enlarged photos in a slide show presentation.

“Passionate Glances”

In Passionate glances I see glimpses of you. Under your thick winter coat I picture you.

The cold winter air evaporates in the moment as I see you here and there, from time to time a chance meeting.

Who are you?

Your beauty not hidden by the bulk of a warm winter wrap.

I am drawn to you and I can barely see you.

Your hood hides your hair, but I know it is awesome.

Your face partially covered as the hood hangs down in an alluring way, mysteriously.

I am most definitely undressing you in my mind.

But all I want is to pull back your hood so that I can see the line of your neck.

That graceful firm elegant neckline that is totally concealed by winter garment.

I am drawn to you. I want to kiss your neck gently.

I can feel you. I can sense your essence. I want you

I am attracted to you with strong magnetic pull.

I can feel you. I am intoxicated by your enticing aroma.

I am on fire with intrigue, who are you?

I want to know you.

Everything left to the imagination and everything about you I want to embrace..

Who are you? I want to know you……………….

With Passionate Glances I dream of you waiting passionately.

WHO ARE YOU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

folder9 ” The Thinker”

Dangling from a thread wrapped around the spool of life, it appears nothing and everything hangs in the balance

We all have scars some easy to see, permanent marks that leave their impression on you forever. Some scars come and go. Others are hidden beneath the exterior of ones protective shell. Those scars can dig deep into ones persona or self-image.

Many of us as writers, artists, musicians, performers probably at some point realize that our life’s work may become lost in the world so big. I suppose that is the inspiration for the collage ” Lost words on a Page” I don’t want my manuscript ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″ to become lost words on  Page.  Not because I wrote the story. Not because I believe it is necessarily great literature, but because I feel the story needs to be told.

Most of us write and do creative endeavors to fulfill a desire, a need for self-expression, communication and possibly escape, in a therapeutic way. This is all part of the creative process I suppose.

Concerning the manuscript Imitating Snowflakes it is a story of heartbreak agony and violation. It is a true story about a father and a son and how the system kept them apart. It is a story that turns very dark. It touches on the injustices handed out from person to person, from court justices to the court of appeals.

To read more about this true life civil rights story scroll down or search for entry 1-27 passages from “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”

This entire blog series from the first blog to this blog, is actually one long conceptual body of work. The stories largely interconnected. the art all from the time that the true life story unfolded.

Enjoy your journey and may you all find peace along your path.


” Entry 26 Passages from ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″

folder87 Firestorm

Like a backdraft the flames exploded and engulf my life.

As if opening a door and creating a vacuum, a fanning of flames.

The Feds rushed in and forever burned my life.

The civil rights violations many.

The right to freedom of speech, and freedom of expression, burned as if they never were written on any Constitutional document.

My life smolder in the smoke. The fanning of flames raised the temperature as the secret agents played games with smoke and mirrors.

My rights burned away,,,,,,,,,,,,,profiled  by the feds.

My art and my writing used to burn me.

Smoke on little piggies..


Everything is temporary like a Snowflake on the 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




” Spiritual Navigator Pathways”

folder900001Spiritual Navigator

Pathways of destinies uncertain. Living in a presence of mind, an intrinsic knowledge of something greater for each us around the next bend.

No Map, no compass to navigate by, map quest deleted………………….

A desire to go on, to exist against all confrontation and struggles one encounters.

Following a pathway that we believe is our true destiny.

The course that leads you to your hopes and dreams, a chance meeting, a new adventure, a new start.

A desire to overcome even when you want to retreat.

A path not yet forged, a journey into the unknown.

An escape route for some, a path to freedom.

A journey of adventure, fame and fortune, or peace of mind.

A path to security, independence, or self exploration.

A journey we all experience and are universally bonded as a result of it.

Not a religious journey, but for some it may be their path.

However, for us all it is a pathway to ourselves are lives and are being.

We are all products of every thought and action we have and follow.

Our lives the sum of those thoughts and actions.

We are all joined as one as we partake in the human journey,, the Spiritual pathway that we navigate together.