” Enigma Under the Bed “


The protective coated nonstick pan shields the steel from the man.
Like computer monitors dropping dimes, we sometimes wakeup to twisted lives.
Along the freeway of life I slow my car to view an accident like the rubberneckers all in row.
Glancing, coasting by, realizing it was me facedown on the protective coated asphalt land.
Moisture drips from my brow, sizzles as it hits the asphalt frying pan.
Sleepless days and restless nights how did I get to the place where the Salvation Army met Godwill?
Left alone to contemplate computer monitor separates.
Allegations of isolation frying in a nonstick pan.
Enigma under the bed again, it’s just another giant hand rocking the bed in twitter land.


“That’s Life”

file heart

There is an old saying that you only get one chance in life. I suppose in some respects thats true. I guess what I have come to understand is that you may have more than one chance but you may get it in a different way.

In other words life is about change. Many times you do only have one chance, but then again there is more than one way to arrive at your destination.

Acceptance of your present situation for anyone is essential. If it’s great not a problem. If it’s not remember there are options to achieving your goals, even if they are not exactly what you had envisioned them to be. Thats where the acceptance part of life becomes essential.

You can never start over completely anew.  But You can wear your life experiences like a badge of honor. Just remember acceptance of who you are and how you got to the point you are at in your life presently is of your own doing.

We are all the net sum of every thought and action we have taken in our life. Even when life has dealt us a bad hand, and it does, ACCEPTANCE is essential.

THAT’S  LIFE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

” I C U “


I C U write of sadness,
I C U write of lust.
I C U write of conquest sorrowfully unjust.
I C U write your words upon the page,
I C U write of anger,love and rage.
I C U chasing that silvery star.
I C U wishing upon it so far.
I C U writing happy fluff and stuff, it leaves a nasty scar.
In virtual reality nothing remains the same.
But in reality nothing has really changed.
U C, I M U the same,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ending continued on previous page.

“Be A Tree, Not a Bubble”

tree 4

How peculiar to know you wrote the end before the beginning.

Like a bubble floating carefree in the air, absent of regard,

Unaware it will soon burst into the atmosphere.

Floating on a bubble, so fresh, so clean.

 All shiny, symmetrical, balanced, soap in perfect form,  the bubble.

Realizing each day of ones life slips by one into another as the years fly by like a temporary bubble.

I would rather be a tree then a bubble.

As  a tree I could generate oxygen instead of being dependent upon it.

If I were a tree I could be viable and useful even in death.

As a tree you give protection and comfort and become a lifelong friend.

As a bubble you are short lived and transparent.

Your very dependent on the wind.

Floating without purpose you escalate into the eclipse of lost tangibility.

You escalate to the promise of end before the beginning has even been written.

Live your life as a tree, not a bubble.

the beginnin or the end?

” Internal Combustion “


Sculpted into a figure with no release. As if poured into a mold of what you are suppose to be, or never were at all.
Like being painted into a corner, you live the life expected. As if becoming a lawyer for family’s sake.
But is it real or is it fake?
The writer assumes the roles of his characters.
The artist takes on the form of his work.
The tangible reality of life untouchable.
The lines between creative genius and insanity become
Consumed with life, career, or self expression, the super ego takes over and the id revolts.