” The River of Life”


In days of youthful grand ambition, aspiring to be a big fish in the world of oceans is a difficult swim upstream.

Only a small few make the swim to the top of oceans blue.

I have learned its not about being the biggest fish in the ocean. Sometimes its better to be simply, a big fish in a small lake.

In the river of life, its just fine to be a small fish in a little pond.

For life is about the impact you make on others, be it only one person, two hundred people or three million people.

In the river of life its not the size of the fish or the depth of the lake, but rather the wake you leave behind, in the river of life.


” Riding the Wave”


If I could see the future of tomorrrow or ride a wave into eternity,
I would navigate past the horizon, disappearing as if I had never exsisted at all.
Total obscurity, however, since we live you can never totally disappear without leaving a mark.
But I am still pondering disappearence.

Art is about the present.
Art is about the future.
Art is about the past.
ART without an audience, is like a song never heard.
A story never read.
A book never written.

“To My Son”

You are half of me. But all my son.

Your half my age.

You are my true blood, son.

Your now the age I was when you were born.

My regrets do burden my heart everyday, as I think of you daily.

Its neither here nor there, to point, to accuse, to blame or excuse.

I understand the situation in my own way and you I am sure do the same.

I wish so much that we could sit and talk, so many things I would like to say.

Just remember son you are half of me and I never stopped loving you.

I wish you an awesome birthday!

Our blood the same you are my son.

You are now a man. I hope one day we can talk man to man.

Happy Birthday I love YOU,

love Dad





Censorship: Big Brothers on line

You know that we do have First Amendment rights to free speech. However Big Brother, the FCC and other online censors disagree. Even though they are government funded they like to intervene and over rule what they think should be said. THIS IS CENSORSHIP

Even when someone is trying to accurately report a factual news story. If political officials, law enforcement or any other government agencies like the F.B.I. don’t like what you say, or don’t want the facts accurately reported you have the right to say it as it is. But you may get censored.

This is a violation of free speech. It is an infringement on all of us! The news is not accurately reported many times because of this censorship. Many stories are brushed under the table, cover ups to protect their own reputations.

Sometimes stories are buried under the guise of homeland security.

Other times it is simply a local cover up of well known sons of political and educational families trying to protect themselves and their boys reputation, even if they committed rape. Case in point,  “Steubenville, Ohio”

In an interview with Colin Powell he stated that the Vietnam War was lost because of the news and media coverage. To paraphrase he indicated that the news media damaged war efforts and turned the country against the war. Thus the war turned the American public off. That forced upheaval and eventual forced pulling out of the war. He clearly stated that he did not want to see this happen again.

Understandable but misfortunate in the fact that facts should be reported factually in a timely and accurate method.” FREEDOM OF THE PRESS”  — “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”

If a war is worth fighting, fight it. However it should be reported accurately. If a crime is committed report it! Even if the privileged boys and their families have to pay the price.

Even if the crime is committed in your home, your backyard, at your neighbors or in Steubenville, Ohio.

We all deserve to know the facts and not be subjected to censorship and over powering cover ups by big brother. It happens all the time in many places.

Its a violation of every ones constitutional rights. 




” Corner Diner”

Scribbled notes jotted on a napkin. Watchin people come and go as you work.

Notes of romantic enterludes, encounters behind the counter.

Sitting at the counter like seated in an Edward Hopper painting.

The illuminated diner a glow with the yellow hue of light that reaches into the street lighting the night.

I continue to make notes on napkins as you work.

I can’t help but think how it would be if I were to leave here with you and not only me.

I jot down thoughts.. ideas and images some I leave and some I not dare.

As I drink my coffee oh my dear.

I must admit I can’t help myself as I watch you doing dishes.

That little wiggle,,,,, oh my dear,,,, I better not say.

But its more than that as I watch from so far away, from that corner diner in the light of another lonely night.

The corner diner in my mind so many miles away.


folder9 ” The Thinker”

Dangling from a thread wrapped around the spool of life, it appears nothing and everything hangs in the balance

We all have scars some easy to see, permanent marks that leave their impression on you forever. Some scars come and go. Others are hidden beneath the exterior of ones protective shell. Those scars can dig deep into ones persona or self-image.

Many of us as writers, artists, musicians, performers probably at some point realize that our life’s work may become lost in the world so big. I suppose that is the inspiration for the collage ” Lost words on a Page” I don’t want my manuscript ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″ to become lost words on  Page.  Not because I wrote the story. Not because I believe it is necessarily great literature, but because I feel the story needs to be told.

Most of us write and do creative endeavors to fulfill a desire, a need for self-expression, communication and possibly escape, in a therapeutic way. This is all part of the creative process I suppose.

Concerning the manuscript Imitating Snowflakes it is a story of heartbreak agony and violation. It is a true story about a father and a son and how the system kept them apart. It is a story that turns very dark. It touches on the injustices handed out from person to person, from court justices to the court of appeals.

To read more about this true life civil rights story scroll down or search for entry 1-27 passages from “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”

This entire blog series from the first blog to this blog, is actually one long conceptual body of work. The stories largely interconnected. the art all from the time that the true life story unfolded.

Enjoy your journey and may you all find peace along your path.