“Thanks Mr. Sinchak” a.k.a. ED


He always said ART is the most important thing in the world.
No matter if you believe this or not, the truth is we all interact with art in many forms everyday.
If it were not for creative people and visionaries there would be no paintings to view no photographs to see and no internet to post them on.
So yes as my High School ART teacher always said art is the most important thing in the world.

I Pay Homage to “Mr. Edward Sinchak” a great artist and a great teacher!
Thanks ED

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” I C U “


I C U write of sadness,
I C U write of lust.
I C U write of conquest sorrowfully unjust.
I C U write your words upon the page,
I C U write of anger,love and rage.
I C U chasing that silvery star.
I C U wishing upon it so far.
I C U writing happy fluff and stuff, it leaves a nasty scar.
In virtual reality nothing remains the same.
But in reality nothing has really changed.
U C, I M U the same,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ending continued on previous page.

” Riding the Wave”


If I could see the future of tomorrrow or ride a wave into eternity,
I would navigate past the horizon, disappearing as if I had never exsisted at all.
Total obscurity, however, since we live you can never totally disappear without leaving a mark.
But I am still pondering disappearence.

Art is about the present.
Art is about the future.
Art is about the past.
ART without an audience, is like a song never heard.
A story never read.
A book never written.

” Portrayal”

Portrayal of photo’s in a frame.

Portrayal of photo’s on a wall.

Photo’s lined up neatly going down the hall.

Portrayal of photo’s on the living room mantle.

Photo’s in the family chest.

Photo’s on the office desk.

Portrayal of photo’s on the bedroom dresser.

Photo’s on the bookshelf they do nest.

Photo’s in their proper albums.

Turn a page photo’s now rest.