” The River of Life”


In days of youthful grand ambition, aspiring to be a big fish in the world of oceans is a difficult swim upstream.

Only a small few make the swim to the top of oceans blue.

I have learned its not about being the biggest fish in the ocean. Sometimes its better to be simply, a big fish in a small lake.

In the river of life, its just fine to be a small fish in a little pond.

For life is about the impact you make on others, be it only one person, two hundred people or three million people.

In the river of life its not the size of the fish or the depth of the lake, but rather the wake you leave behind, in the river of life.

” Summer’s Promise “


A steamy mist appears, floating like a gentle fog rising from the cooled surface of a path to anywhere.

Like mystic fog on black top now darkened by the refreshing afternoon shower.

Green leaf gently whispers in the cool of moistures air

A steamy street cooled by summers glistening raindrops evaporating on the boulevard.

A path to anywhere in search of summer’s promise.

Ice cubes coming out of the freezer steam as they are enclosed by the warmth of summer’s air.

A glass half full sweating with moisture, the condensation anticipation of summer’s promise.

A front porch view of the world your glass full of summer’s promise.

” Guest Artist”


The pastel on black paper you are viewing was done by my son, some twenty years ago. That makes the artist at the time approximately 6 years old.

When I recieved the work it was folded up and shoved inside of his pocket. I immediately pressed it between two heavy books. Later I took it and had it framed. I loved it, still do.

I was running an art salon at the time so I exhibited the piece as my special guest artist.

The work drew considerable attention, so much that an art collector offered to buy it. I never sold the piece even though my son thought I should have.

I still have the drawing hanging in my house today. It has become the eternal Father’s Day card.

So if you do, or you don’t celebrate fathers day, you should still send them your thoughts, your questions,
your rage, or your respect and love.

Because no matter how you feel we all truly only have one father. Good or bad fathers are people too and no one is perfect, even Dad.

Hope you all have a nice day.

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“That’s Life”

file heart

There is an old saying that you only get one chance in life. I suppose in some respects thats true. I guess what I have come to understand is that you may have more than one chance but you may get it in a different way.

In other words life is about change. Many times you do only have one chance, but then again there is more than one way to arrive at your destination.

Acceptance of your present situation for anyone is essential. If it’s great not a problem. If it’s not remember there are options to achieving your goals, even if they are not exactly what you had envisioned them to be. Thats where the acceptance part of life becomes essential.

You can never start over completely anew.  But You can wear your life experiences like a badge of honor. Just remember acceptance of who you are and how you got to the point you are at in your life presently is of your own doing.

We are all the net sum of every thought and action we have taken in our life. Even when life has dealt us a bad hand, and it does, ACCEPTANCE is essential.

THAT’S  LIFE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,