Aunt Eleanor’s Coffee Table


My great Aunt Eleanor’s coffee table becomes art. As a young artist I would work for my aunt doing odd jobs. I spent several summers working for her painting her house, mowing the yard, resurfacing her driveway and so on.

My aunt was one of those very proper ladies. She was a retired teacher. She also had a great love of art and she did alot of painting herself. I enjoyed my summers with my aunt. Eleanor would talk to me often about art and she would show me her latest piece she was working on. I would periodically bring my art to her home for a critique.

She would pay me for my work on her home and she would randomly give me an unusual item from time to time.
One day after completing my work for the day she took me into one of the bedrooms and ask if I would like a painting that hung on the wall. The painting was large, a landscape of a forest scene with a deer in it. The picture measured 44″x48″. Unfortunately the painting done by her grandfather was not in very good condition. However the turn of the century classic frame was awesome and in excellant condition. Thats 1900’s turn of the century, I took the art happily. I still have the frame to this day hanging in my home some thirty years later.

So on a differant visit she offered me an old coffee table. I took the some what wobbely table even though the legs slightly unstable and the style not really me. But I liked the wood. After several years of the table being in my studio I one day removed the top and made Aunt Eleanor’s Coffee Table into the abstract wood collage you now see. It also hangs in my home. Thanks Aunt Eleanor miss you.